Flat pack module

flat pack module

Our standard flat pack module, of ISO 20´ dry van container dimensions, has been specially designed to be easily transported (by truck, rail, sea & air), erected, deployed, and installed in the various diverse climatic zones around the world for our clients´ accommodation/office/toilet/bathroom & kitchen needs.

Each unit can easily be connected to an electrical network. In locations where connecting to a normal electrical network is not possible, the modules can also operate via an electric supply produced autonomously through a renewable source (Click here for further details).

Delivered flat packed for saving of transport costs (4 flat packs can be stacked and transported to form a bundle of dimensions similar to an ISO 20´ dry van container), our prefabs can be easily erected in less than one hour with the help of three workers using a crane or forklift truck. Thanks to our lifting device, our prefabs can also be erected without any motorized lifting equipment. Our prefabs can be assembled and dismantled up to 10 times without any damage to its structure.

Each module is equipped with:

  • Pre assembled electrical system, ready for network connection
  • 14 fully interchangeable panels (including door, two windows, A/C outlet) allowing position of door & windows to be located at your choice
  • One piece completely insulated watertight roof (see drawing)
  • Connecting kits that allow prefabs to be inter-connected to other prefabs in order to form lengthy buildings if necessary.

Our prefabs can also be stacked to form a higher building of two, three or even four storeys (with some reinforcements) (click here for examples of multistorey buildings already supplied to our clients)

Prefabs assembly


Our flat pack benefits

ok Delivered flat-packed, our prefabs can be fully erected, including all electrical systems,
in less than 30 minutes.with the help of 3 workers only
ok Completely insulated one piece roof
ok No need for forklift trucks or cranes thanks to our lifting device
ok Easy connection with other prefabs allows the creation of 2, 3 or even 4 storey buildings.
ok All panels, being of the same dimension, are completely interchangeable, allowing the position of windows and doors at the client´s choice.
External view External windows Electrical system Inside Panels interchangeable Erected flat pack

Click here to download our Flatpack brochure.